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New Visitor

When are your Sunday services?

During the school year we gather for Family Talk (aka Sunday School) at 9:15am for growth and teaching. We then gather for worship at 10:30am.

Do you offer anything for children?

Yes! During Family Talk the children have a separate time together. We also offer a nursery during the worship service for children ages 3 and under. Most importantly we have leaders and community to help equip parents to nurture their children towards faith in Jesus.

Do you offer anything for teenagers?

Again, yes! The O’Gorman brothers, Trevor and Carter, lead our youth ministry. During the school year they meet on Monday nights at 6pm. Grades 6-12 are welcome. There are also trips that we take our teenagers on.

Do I have to be a Christian or even religious to attend your gatherings?

Not at all. Our desire is to be the type of community where those who don’t yet believe as we do might feel like they can belong with us.

What kind of doctrine do you teach?

Our practice is to proclaim the person and work of Jesus so that the invitation and challenge of the gospel become central in all that we do. In other words, we like to focus on the essential teachings of the Bible which provide unity for Christians throughout history.

However, we also embrace our Presbyterian and Reformed heritage and will teach on those aspects from time to time. Click here to learn more about our denomination.

What should I wear at your events?

Whether it is a party, a small group, or a worship service, come just as you are. Again we want to be a place where you can belong even if you don’t yet believe.W

Are you an inclusive or an exclusive church?

We would heartily say that we are inclusive just as Jesus was inclusive. In his earthly life, Jesus would often eat and drink with ‘outsiders’. However, whenever he encountered a religous person or an irreligious person, Jesus would proclaim both his unconditional love as well as give a pointed challenge. The entry way to our church is as wide as Jesus and his gospel.

This means that if you attend Church of the Redeemer and listen to us talk about Jesus, you’ll hear both the loving invitation and welcome of Jesus as well as the challenge of Jesus in a particular area of your life.

What if I am interested in membership?

Wonderful! Contact Pastor Daniel!

What if I just want to talk to someone?

Wonderful! Contact Pastor Daniel!

What if I just want to build relationships and serve but not yet commit?

Wonderful! Contact Pastor Daniel! (See where this is going?)

Do you offer counseling services?

Yes we do. Pastor Daniel actually has some specialized training in counseling. We also have Elders and Deacons to assist you with your needs.